Purpose of site

Rent the brick will be a toy rental subscription service.

Users can subscribe at three levels of subscription, e.g. Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Each subscription level will give the user a fixed amount of tokens/money to spend on the site on toys up to their total available.

Selected toys will be delivered free fo charge, and are sent back 28 days later.

There will be an option to return toys early, through integration with a courier API.



The site will use WordPress, Woocommerce, Woocommerce Credits and Memberpress.  The first two are free,  Woocommerce Credits is $49 per year, and Memberpress is $179/ year.


Woocommerce Credits

WordPress Identity Verification plugins

The User flow

Creating the subscription

  1. Users will be able to choose from three subscription levels.
  2. Subscriptions will be monthly with auto renewal
  3. Payment will be taken on completion of the registration process
  4. The subscription level will determine what site content is accessible by the user

ID verification

  1. Users will be processed through the ID verification system –  service to be decided

Toy selection options

  1. USer credits
  2. limit number of products a customer can buy

User credits

  1. The subscription level will determine how many credits are assigned to a user account
  2. Credit assignment method to be decided

Limit products

  1. Use plugin to limit the number of products a customer can buy, set all products to be £0.


Toy selection

  1. Toys will have a monetary value
  2. Users can select toys up to the value of the credits / up to limit
  3. Payment will be processed through Woocommerce using ‘Virtual funds/credit line’ which will generate an order email


  1. Each subscription level will include one free delivery and return of a toy selection
  2. Users can return toys early by using the courier API, there will be a separate charge for this