The Rediscovery of ME

(From Holly’s site)

My name is Holly Hartley. I’m an award-winning educationalist, thought leader, transformation coach and passionate advocate of the power of human spirit to transform lives.

Over the last 20 years, through my work in education, I have seen people travel the journey from ordinary to extraordinary by being brave and harnessing their inner strength to bring about change in their lives. I have worked all over the world and have seen this happen time and time again – often against the greatest of challenges.

Through the Rediscovery of Me, my mission is to help you bring about the changes you want in your life, to help you achieve your true potential. No issue is too big, and no issue is too small.

The website is structured to offer advice and guidance in three key areas: Life, Career & Home. Click on the drop-down menu’s above to see the categories in each section.

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